Hello Again

Well, you may have heard that you will not be hearing me from 6-10am on 790. It is true.

What once was Matt & Adam in the Morning and more recently The Big Show with Matt & Adam is no more. It doesn’t mean it won’t ever return, but for now it’s over. There will be plenty of time to share all the things that transpired over my nearly four years at 790 and essentially all of those things are good – obviously except for yesterday’s news.

I’ve been connected to the Houston Sports fan for my entire life, since I’ve always been one. I’m a lifer here, born and raised in Houston. I’ve been connected to the fans intimately since 1995 through my life as a sports talk radio host. Nearly 20 years of yapping! A lot has changed from answering callers on a phone in a room, so far from the control room and talk studio, I could have been in another country to now where I can exchange ideas, information, opinions or even barbs in a split second via a 140 character burst at all hours through the power of twitter & social media.

I had a great time essentially launching what you now have as SportsTalk 790. A commitment to really giving Houston sports fans young, exciting, passionate, interaction on the radio was truly only a possibility for SportsTalk 790 because of my decision, along with Matt Jackson, to become the new morning team at 790. We re-branded the station and began a journey the last four years of creating a show and a station that I was proud of. There are plenty of great people there and plenty of friends were made there that will remain friends.

There is one more thing that must be said. The number one reason I ultimately decided to leave 610 in 2009, despite enjoying my position there as evening host and absolutely loving my role as Houston Rockets Radio Analyst, was the opportunity to do a morning show with Matt. It was a difficult decision to leave, but cranking out 4 hours of morning sports talk with Matt was too exciting to pass up. I loved the challenge of drive-time radio and I thoroughly enjoyed going to work every day. It’s long been said that you want to listen to sports radio like you are bellied up to the bar with your buddies. Most of my mornings felt exactly like that talking sports with MJ and our listeners.

Again, this really isn’t even a good bye. I’ll be posting regularly here now and adding videos & audio, too – It’s football season for crying out loud!!

I’ve been working in Houston on the radio, on television or in print/online and even for two of the professional teams for almost two decades, so hopefully that will continue with my next journey. Time will tell.

Even with these developments, remember I’m just a tweet away, same as always. No matter what comes next for me, you will always be able to find me there.

I’m still on twitter @awexler.
Still on facebook.
Still keeping terribly, unhealthy hours with virtually no sleep.
And still watching insane amounts of sports.
That’s just what I do.

Later, Wex

PS – Even in this very brief period of time since the change was made, I’ve heard from a great number of you and it’s truly appreciated.

37 thoughts on “Hello Again

  1. Still in a bit of shock over this. It seems you have chosen to keep a positive view of this and take the high road – bravo to you.

    In the mornings for me, it was you guys or no one. You are brighter, better-educated and more articulate than the morning show on 610, yet they somehow managed to pull better ratings. I will never understand or agree with the idea that stupid is what sales on the radio. This cannot be true (can it?).

    Another issue I cannot help but ponder- how might things have been different if the city had something to talk about other than the Texans. What if the Astros and Rockets (until very recently at least) were perennial playoff teams, essentially inventing their own daily radio topics? I wonder if stupid would still bring the ratings in that case? In that void, you guys were forced to continually bring in national stories (already covered by everyone else out there) and non-sports stories (same issue x 3). Bottom line, it’s best for everyone when the local teams win (as opposed to setting records for being bad).

    It is especially sad to see another person with local knowledge leave. You actually saw JR Richards pitch, and probably went to the Love Ya Blue Rally too. It seems like Houston radio is eaten alive with non-natives, with a heavy lean towards guys from the Northeast that has never made sense. Enough Syracuse guys already! What the hell is wrong with Houston radio managers?

    Anyways, best of luck to you.

  2. Adam I have no reason to turn on 790 except for Rockets games now I suppose. U 2 young guns won me over. As a 30 year radio guy I get bored with low brow-lazy-lousy talk radio asap. Now the funniest noon time sports talk guy not babbling sports 24/7, MT, has been shoved to mid afternoons. Now no reason to listen and drive around at lunch either ! Charlie is…um…..ok but to harsh and too scratchy to listen to for extended periods and without Lance well….sorry Charlie ! Most Sports Talk people take themselves and their little contribution to the world WAY TO SERIOUSLY…like it actually matters. No it doesn’t. ( I cannot comment on 610 since I won’t listen to them anyway…just too much too much..) Adam click on CF so we know where to catch ya next time !
    sincerely jscmedia

  3. As an old fart who gets up early every AM for a long walk, you guys entertained me, informed me and generally made my walk less tedious.
    You are too smart and well prepared not to land on your feet, so I will be listening for good news on your next gig.
    Good luck

  4. This is shocking for me, so I can’t imagine how it must be for you and Matt. I switched from 610 to 790 when you guys made the jump. Before that, I had never listened to 790. Since then, I hadn’t listened to 610. I’ve always appreciated your intellectual, analytical approach to sports, as well as Matt’s passionate, emotion driven perspective. I know that the kind of talent you two possess can’t remain on the sidelines. Something will come up. I look forward to that day.

    I’m not a twitter or facebook guy…so please don’t forget the non-social networking types when you do land somewhere.

  5. I understand you might not choose to give us all of the details, but at least let us in on a little bit. I am a huge fan of you and Matt. You guys and Charlie made for the BEST on talk radio in H-Town. What’s on the horizon for you and for Matt for that matter? Please don’t tell me you are going back to 610, they are a joke.

  6. Huge fan of the Big Show and been listening to you and MJ ever since the Night Shift days…you are too talented and passionate about houston sports to not land on your feet ASAP. It is a crime that RL’s afternoon partner is still on the radio in this town while you look for another opportunity.

  7. I lived in Houston from 1997 through 2003. Grew up in Dallas and couldn’t listen to most Houston sports talk back then because I got annoyed with the shtick and general Cowboy/Mavs bashing at every turn.

    Moved back in 2009. Saw a good friend from high school at memorial park with her daughter and she mentioned you as we caught up while watching our kids play. So I thought “what the hell I’ll give this guy another chance in the morning. He always struck me as a Cougar homer but can’t hurt.” Well turns out you’re pretty damn good at this sports talk thing. Intelligent, opinionated (but informed), funny, kids the same age as mine (roughly), and lo and behold a sports talk show that focused mostly on SPORTS! A little too much rocket talk during the season for me, but hey, you gotta pay the bills.

    Anyway, long story just a little bit longer, I was very sad to hear you and Matt had been replaced this morning. You guys brought me back to sports radio in Houston for my drive into work each morning. Then I’d listen to 790 in the afternoon because my dial was already set there. I sent the station an email letting them know they’d lost my ears and had screwed up not one but two time slots (Charlie needs Lance).

    Good luck. I’ll be checking to see where you land and will follow with my ears (or eyes) when you do. In the meantime, enjoy those kids and all this time off. You’ve still got a few weeks before school starts to really enjoy get in some quality time.

  8. Sorry to hear about you and Matt not being on 790. I and everyone else at work lisened you guys each weekday morning. You have a great attitude and I expect to hear both of you on the air in Houston soon.


  9. Sorry to hear that you guys got let go the big show was really fun and the only show that actually talks about the rockets

  10. Im totally pissed! Yalls show has been helping me get thru my work shift for years! Ive been a loyal listener of you and Matt since the 610 days and made the jump to 790 right along with yall….i feel like i lost a couple of friends…Hang in there! Hope to hear you on the airwaves soon!

  11. Im a native houstonian displaced to Dallas but I’ve been an anonymous listener of the big show on iheart and the podcasts for years. Most people I know listen to music when they work out, but when I’m out on my bike or at the gym I have the big show plugged into my ears.

    Really disappointed at learning about the news. I thought you and Matt brought a deeper insight to local and out of town sports than most other radio hosts not only on other stations but also on 790. You brought the right amount of homerism and objectivism and I respected the very granular sports analysis and the back and forth between you two (and three with LZ). I was looking forward to the start of another football season with the Big Show.  You will be missed!

    Btw if you end up at CSN find a way to get them on uverse so I can watch!

  12. I heard that Clear Channel made around 600 layoffs nationally. Was this the case in your situation? I really enjoyed your guys morning show. It was entertaining and made my morning commute tolerable. I hope this is only temporary and that somehow you guys get back on 790 soon or another radio show. I will listen no matter where you/you guys are. I also think that moving Matt Thomas to mid afternoon is a big mistake. I listened to him on my lunch breaks everyday. Not a fan of the changes employed by 790, or at least for now. Hope it all gets figured out soon.

  13. I’ve been listening to you since the night shift days and through your time at 790. As disappointed as myself and the rest of your loyal listeners are, we know you’ll land somewhere quickly. You’ll be back.

  14. You’ve become a known and reliable sports host in this city and I’m confident we’ll be seeing/hearing you again soon in some format. Stay positive and good things will come your way.

  15. Will miss you guys on the radio. I hate 610 and I can’t stomach Adam C as a radio host. WTH is 790 thinking? Good luck man.

  16. Hey Wex,

    I live in Austin now but was in HTown last week and heard you and Matt for the first time in ages. I’m sad to hear the news from Clear Channel. It appears they’re letting a lot of people go right now. Hopefully, you’ll land a new gig quickly and get back on the air. Best of luck!

  17. I was so bummed to hear the news. I really enjoyed listening to you and Matt in the mornings!! Unlike other stations you both covered all the local sports teams, even the not so great ones (I’m a baseball fan, just because my team sucks doesn’t mean I don’t want to talk about them!).

    I have no doubt that you and Matt will be back on the air again soon.

    Good luck to you!!

  18. This is what I particularly liked about Matt and Adam’s show: They were sports commentators and not comedians. I think in this day of age everyone wants to be funny. I agree sports radio should have flavor but having flavor should not cause the host(s) to divert from his or her primary job which is to talk sports as it relates to the city, state, country, and world. Thanks to all host(s) who actually perform their job well: Matt & Adam, Charlie P. Matt Thomas, N.D. and Brian, Rich Lord before his co host now, and previously Mark V. and Undre Ware. Sorry, I may have misspelled some names.

  19. I am shocked that such talent can let go, even in a bad economy. The sports media business is brutal. Hopefully you’ve saved some money to weather storms like these that are certain to occur in every broadcaster’s career, or to any professional in any industry, for that matter. I’ll miss you guys on the radio, but I’m located in Phoenix and relied heavily on your podcasts to stay in touch with your analysis, which I thought was the best in Houston.

    Please consider going full-time on the Net by having your own podcast via iTunes, put ads on your blog that has more up-to-date content, use Twitter to drive traffic to your blog and podcasts, etc. And definitely read the new book “Choose yourself” by James Altucher. It has motivated me and thousands of others to do their own thing. The old ways of having to rely on big companies to make are over. I know it’s unconventional, but I think you and MJ’s following is so big in Houston, it could be sustainable if you go on your own. People listen to content on their iPods and smartphones, not just over the air. And you can do guest work with other media outlets to augment your income.

    The only constructive criticism is if you do have a blog, please keep it to sports rather than spending an inordinate amount of time on pop culture topics like Sharknado. When I hit that part when listening to your podcasts, it got really old and I had to fast forward through it. I couldn’t do that listening over the radio, and that may be one reason why the ratings weren’t as high as they could be.

  20. Wex, like so many have stated here. I have followed you and MJ from the 610 days and you are correct in stating that you and Matt made 790 the station it is today. I can’t stand LZ or AC, so I guess I just won’t listen to Sports Radio in the mornings any longer, until you end up back on the air somewhere. Can’t believe Josh Innes is still on the air and you and Matt are not. You guys will be missed…keep us informed.

  21. Hate the nature of radio. Station has rock format for 20 years, switch to country overnight, they act like they have always been country. You, the stupid listener, are not suppose to notice. Fired DJ’s that had been there for years? Like they never existed.

    Here’s to you and hoping that you settle into what you want to do quickly.

  22. Was one of those guys with radio clock dial set on 790 listening as I showered… This morning these new guys were actually singing along with and mouthing with importance the lyrics to a song called ‘Between the Sheets…’
    I got out of the shower with shampoo in what’s left of my hair and changed the channel..

    Good luck at your next gig and thanks..

  23. yeah hate the change can only imagine how yall feel – not listening in the morning and honestly just the vibe thru out the day sucked not the same hang in there im gonna break out my discman and do the same

  24. I always preferred your show to the morning show on 610 and never considered the FM option. I sincerely hope to hear the two of you on air again. Perhaps 610 would make room. You’d be better then Nick for certain.

  25. Obviously I haven’t tuned in to the same station that let us go 6 months ago but I thought you guys got a raw deal. You are super talented & someone I always looked up to. You handled this with class & dignity, better than I did when we were canned. Keep your head up & let me know what your next venture will be. Stay Trill Wex

  26. Been listening to your shows since the 610 days. Will follow you to your next gig, hopefully it won’t be long. Good luck with your next endeavor.

  27. Sorry to hear about it Wex. I was off work on Monday, so I completely missed it. We’ll miss you for now, but I bet you’ll be back soon. You are too talented and most of the others in the city are a bit lacking. Good luck!

  28. Wex – I loved your show on 790. I live in College Station and able to pick up the 790 signal. I always enjoyed “That’s what she said” feature on your show. I consider the Sports Talk radio in the local College Station market to be sub-par at best so this is the reason why I always tuned into 790. I miss your show and have not been too thrilled with the latest moves by 790. The Big Show ending and Matt Thomas moving to the afternoons are two things that I don’t like. Anyway Good Luck in the future. I will listen once again if you decide to return to radio.

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