Deep Thoughts

Just sitting here at the beach, listening to the waves…so naturally I’m thinking about football season. So some quick Texans thoughts:

1. The Joe Mays signing will prove to be huge when he starts in San Diego on the inside with a healthy Brian Cushing. It’ll be the best pair of inside linebackers the Texans gave on the field together since the DeMeco Ryan’s trade.

2. The right tackle situation wasn’t ideal last year and it will be the same story in ’13, but it shouldn’t be worse. I happen to think it’ll actually be slightly better w/ Derek Newton & Ryan Harris having gained valuable game experience with the Texans last year.

3. Swapping out Glover Quin for the Ed Reed/D.J. Swearinger combo will not be a step back. If they are smart with Reed and play Swearinger a lot early in the season, I think they really could have something special in the secondary at the right time this year, i.e. playoff time.

4. As I said yesterday when I was on CSN Houston, it’s about 5 weeks until the team is in San Diego for the MNF opener, so I’m not concerned at all that both Arian Foster & Ben Tate are hurt. Both will tote the rock just fine when it matters and the Texans will start the year 1-0.

-Wex (@awexler)

2 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts

  1. First & foremost, hope all is well amigo.

    Are you any concerned with start of schedule? Nobody appears to mention it, but by time Texans travel to/and get destroyed by my 9ers…that may be a hot topic. This team could start 2-4, or 3-3!

  2. Gonna miss you in the mornings man. Maybe you and mj can get a local sports show at noon on another station so I have something to listen to.

    But anyways, I’m super excited about the season and am hoping for big things. Looks like you are on my island. Enjoy!

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