Another Shot for VY

Hearing late last night that Vince Young had been spotted in the Green Bay airport and was set to workout today for the Packers, I started thinking again about how many crappy backup quarterbacks and crappier backups to the backup quarterbacks are still tooling around in the NFL.

Derek Anderson. Dan Orlovksy. Jimmy Clausen. Josh McCown. Kellen Moore. Chad Henne. Trent Edwards. Rusty Smith. I could go on, but I think my point is made.

The duo in Green Bay backing up Aaron Rodgers? Try Graham Harrell and B.J. Coleman. Harrell, 28, from Texas Tech has thrown 4 career passes. Coleman has thrown none. Coleman’s un-stellar camp play thus far, likely necessitated the Young workout.

I know Young has been given two very good chances to at least stay in the league since leaving Tennessee and failed to make it work in either Philadelphia or Buffalo. I also know that his off the field troubles and the headaches they might cause, clearly are an added obstacle that he’s created. Now that’s what really got me thinking.

No one had a bigger obstacle to overcome than Michael Vick. He was in jail. He pleaded guilty to felony charges. He lied to the commissioner. He took advantage of his opportunity to come in as an Eagles back-up quarterback, before ultimately winning the starting gig. I’m not saying Young deserves the same and it also clearly not a second chance, more like a fourth chance. Also in Young’s case, he wasn’t even in the NFL at all last year because nobody wanted him.

I put all this out there really to just point out the following incredible similarities in the stats from the first five years of Vick’s and Young’s careers. Look at the chart.


Isn’t it possible that maybe, just maybe, it’s a little premature to say Young can’t even be the backup?

I’ve said this countless times, but Young must be a locker room divider and a total and complete problem child for NFL general managers and coaches. There is no way some of the riff-raff still pulling paychecks to play backup & scout team QB gives those teams a better chance to win in the desperate situation that calls for the backup quarterback to play than Young. I just can’t be convinced of that. Maybe I should be, but as of now I’m not.

– Wex (@awexler)

One thought on “Another Shot for VY

  1. VY has probably relied on his talent for years which has benefited him but talent mixed with competitive drive, brains, and making other players better is the key. Maybe he has his act together now in the other areas. I’d love to see him get another chance.

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