Can’t Miss Vids

Every couple of days, I’ll be posting a bunch of videos that you need to see.  Anything that I just never got around to posting or stuff you might’ve missed. Instead of heading down to the smoker’s lounge, take your break with some videos (or head downstairs w/ your smartphone!).

– If you missed Mavs owner Mark Cuban’s blog post about the Mavericks’ (failed) attempt at trying to stay atop the West, then give this a read. It includes this video which was used to entice Dwight Howard to choose Dallas as his free agent destination. Clearly that didn’t happen.

– Dwight Howard’s new teammate James Harden was doing work at the Drew League this summer. He got hooked up with the sweet alley-oop here.

– This new spot from Jumpman23 with Blake Griffin and Darrell Drain has a bit of a Mars Blackmon feel to it. I like it.

– The Association of Independent Commercial Producers felt the ad below was award-winning stuff – Spec Ad of the Year. I’m down with that.

– And if you’ve forgotten, tonight is the 8th installment of Hard Knocks on HBO. We peek inside the Cincinnati Bengals for the second time, they were also featured in 2009. Here’s a look back at year one with the Baltimore Ravens and their rookie show. The Shannon Sharpe imitation is spot on. Spot on.

– Wex (@awexler)

One thought on “Can’t Miss Vids

  1. Miss you, Wex. Not in a gay way you know, just hearing ya on my radio in the morning. I have no doubt you’ll be back on the air soon, hopefully be week 1 of the regular NFL season.

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