Texans 53-man roster projection: Take 2

This is getting more difficult than I thought it would this year.  I don’t think the numbers are quite right, since I don’t think they want to carry 10 LB and only 9 DB, especially considering Ed Reed’s health. Could easily see Reed on PUP for six weeks and Eddie Pleasant making the team.

Linebackers a mess, too. Mercilus and Dobbins are currently hurt, Cushing is just coming back from injury, Reed, MontgomTexansery and Sharpton have been hurt during camp. Mays will clearly make it and could start opposite Cushing, The team is using Jefferson in a manner that suggests they are not going to waive him, hope he clears and put him on practice squad. Oh and the two drafted rookies have not had the light go on at all yet, so they’ll make the team, but likely be dead weight for awhile.

Strong consideration to keeping the only other veteran running back in camp, Deji Karim. With Foster’s calf, Tate’s injury history and Johnson’s rookie status, Kubiak might just feel safer not being caught short-handed.

I’ve made some strike-throughs so you can see how things changed from the last projection.

25 Offense
3 QB – Schaub, Yates, Keenum
4 RB – Foster, Tate, Johnson, Jones
6 WR – Johnson, Hopkins, Posey, Martin, Jean, Bonner
3 TE – Daniels, Graham, Griffin
9 OL – Brown, Smith, Myers, Brooks, Newton, Jones, Harris, B Williams, Quessenberry

25 Defense
7 DL – Watt, Mitchell, Smith, Crick, C Jones, McClain, Jamison, Harris
9 LB – Mercilus, Cushing, Sharpton, Reed, Mays (added), Braman, Dobbins, Montgomery, T Williams, Jefferson (added)
5 CB – Joseph, Jackson, McCain, Harris, Carmichael, Bouye (added)
4 S – Manning, Reed, Swearinger, Keo

3 ST – Weeks, Lechler, Bullock

– Wex (@awexler)

One more thing, I feel bad for tackle Andrew Gardner. I was looking over the transaction section on the game release -tell me it doesn’t look like they think Gardner has a weight problem. Ha.


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