Texans 53-man roster projection-Take 3

TexansOnly a handful of roster decisions will be made because of how players perform in the upcoming final preseason game for the Texans. At least that’s what I think. There aren’t very many spots to be had. This year it really comes down to a numbers game. They have so many injury and performance issues at both linebacker and in the secondary, it’s going to be tough to predict what the Texans do there, but here goes.

24 Offense
3 QB – Schaub, Yates, Keenum
4 RB – Foster, Tate, Karim, Jones
5 WR – Johnson, Hopkins, Posey, Martin, Jean
3 TE – Daniels, Graham, Griffin
9 OL – Brown, Smith, Myers, Brooks, Newton, Jones, R Harris, B Williams, Quessenberry

26 Defense
7 DL – Watt, Mitchell, Smith, Crick, C Jones, McClain, Jamison
9 LB – Mercilus, Cushing, Mays, B Reed, Sharpton, Jefferson, Braman, Montgomery, T Williams
6 CB – Joseph, Jackson, McCain, Harris, Carmichael, Bouye
4 S – Manning, Reed, Swearinger, Keo

3 Special Teams
LS Weeks, P Lechler, K Bullock

PUP– Bonner

1 QB-McGee
5 RB-Clutts, Den. Johnson, Wood, Graham, Boren
4 WR-Lemon, Nwachukwu, Cruse, Smith
2 TE-Byrne, Schiltz
7 OL-Gardner, White, Menkin, Mondek, B Collins, Kupper, Horn
4 DL-Muir, Hunter, Browner, Okine
7 LB-Dobbins, Mohammed, C Collins, Del. Johnson, Tuggle, Davis, Coffey
3 CB- Mack, Starling, Howard
2 S-Pleasant, Johnson
1 P-Shapiro

Strikethroughs = players cut 8/26

Among the tough decisions were cutting Clutts, Dobbins, Mohammed, Pleasant and Lemon. Had they not found Greg Jones on the market for cheap, Clutts very easily could’ve been the starting fullback this year. He’s a good not great blocker and a good special teams player – but with Jones aboard, he’s a luxury they can’t afford.

Had Joe Mays been available for cheap, it’s reasonable to think Dobbins could’ve been the starter next to Cushing. Now when Dobbins got hurt also this camp, that plan never really took shape. But he did start Saturday, it essentially comes down to him or Sharpton. Either that or they keep 4 inside linebackers, which is a strong consideration. (Honestly, I should allow for Sam Montgomery or Trevardo Williams to get hurt in Thursday’s game, so they can go on IR and they can keep 4 inside backers.) Mike Mohammed has been very productive and got tons of work with the starters throughout this camp, remember him down the road when their inside guys get hurt during the year.

Anthony Pleasant is really just a guy at this point, but I’m taking a leap that Ed Reed goes on the roster and the team can limp through the first few weeks with Harris being the emergency safety and starting Keo. I’ll say it again, the Texans should be embarrassed that they have Keo not only on the team, but starting. He will be picked on unmercifully by every capable team. The Texans will just have to hope that San Diego and Tennessee aren’t capable of doing that. Their next three opponents – Baltimore, Seattle and San Francisco – surely would exploit that.

Alec Lemon did all that he could to show he can play in the NFL, aside from his drop in the endzone on Sunday, which he atoned for with a touchdown grab seconds later. He was very productive the last two years at Syracuse and I’m more than the Texans have noticed him. It’d be nice to sneak him through waivers and get him on the practice squad. They’ll take that chance that he doesn’t get claimed.

Now let’s see if anything on Thursday night against Dallas, affects this.

Here was the last roster projection – 53-man projection, take 2

– Wex (@awexler)

9 thoughts on “Texans 53-man roster projection-Take 3

  1. Wex –
    Very few diagreements. I would like to see Keo gone and keep someone else, but it’s probably not gonna happen. I do think one of your tough cuts (Dobbins?) may stick around with a draft pick or UDFA suddenly needing to be IRed (B. Williams?).

    The only thing that can’t happen in Bonner being PUP’d. He’s already on the active roster, so he has to either be one of the final 53, be IR’d or be cut.

    • Eric –
      On Bonner, I’ll fix that. I intended to put IR, not PUP, thx. Keo is here for sure, they have no one else. Both rookie Williams aren’t needed/ready this year, so could be candidates for IR, if hurt. Neither should be waived, both would be claimed.

  2. Agree completely on Keo. Smith made what seemed like some good secondary choices a couple years ago with Joesph/Manning, who together helped turn this defense around. However, their performances were pretty shaky last season, and neither has looked particularly great this preseason. Making things worst, is that Smith’s draft picks for the secondary have been wasted.

    Going into this season, if there were two areas that had to be improved on the team – they were the secondary and right side of the OL. This was evident to all. Did Rick Smith do enough to remedy these issues? Did he do anything of substance here?

    The bottom line is this – we can’t win a Super Bowl or perhaps even get to and through the playoffs with this secondary (Keo or not).

    • John –
      As of this moment, the Quin for DJ/Reed trade is a loss. But I am very confident at some point this season, that’ll change in the Texans favor. And long term, this was the right decision, IMO. Keo is a problem. Good teams will identify him as a weakness and crush him. the front 7 has to get constant pressure up front to avoid this. I actually think the OL is fine. Brooks, Jones and Quessenberry are 3rd, 4th, 6th round picks the last two years, all are starting caliber. Brooks will start and Jones & Quessenberry likely will battle for LG when W Smith is gone next year. Newton needs to get better, but he’s not tragic. Q’berry or Brennan Williams could take that gig from him next year also.
      – Wex

    • Dobbins is clearly better than those 2 rookies. But next year, I’m sure the team feels differently, thus they’ll keep the 2 draftees. Jackson is fine. Harris is a penalty-magnet. THey know better than we do about Ed Reed’s return, based on that, they could look at S on waiver wire.

    • Has been inactive for all three games. He’s last on the depth chart, might benefit from practicing all yea, but won’t keep him on active roster just for that. IR candidate, needs to be hurt though.

  3. Keo AND JJ will get picked on. JJ isn’t looking like himself, unsure if anything is hampering him?

    Lemon might get look from another team.

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