Pick Your New QB

TexansYet another rough patch for Matt Schaub with the hometown Texans fans. Of course it’s not all on him, the offensive line has been way below par in pass protection all three games. Plenty other issues as well, but in football, it’s simple – easiest way to make change is dump the QB.

So tell me  –  which QB do you want to replace him? (Vote below)

Joe Kane – The Program (Scouts love his passion, questionable decisions off-the-field, already in and out of rehab)

Johnny Utah – Point Break (Not much of a book on him, athletic, determined, always gets his man)

Jimmy Dix – The Last Boy Scout (rocket arm, good leader & teammate, gambling problems)

Tami Maida – Quarterback Princess (Not the best athlete, not the strongest arm, tremendous intangibles, leader, team rallies around her)

Thanks for your vote and for having a little fun here.

– Wex (@awexler)

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