Russell Wilson Is A Star

It’s not very easy to locate a weakness in second-year quarterback Russell Wilson’s game. He’ll be making his 20th regular season start in Houston today against the Texans and currently leads the NFC in passer rating this year at 109.6. He’s lost just 5 of his 19 starts and none in his last eight. He’s led the Seahawks to a 10-0 mark at home in his career.  So that means he’s just 4-5 on the road. Also the road opponents haven’t exactly been a  murderer’s row of defenses. The Niners, Bears and now today with Texans are really the best he’ll have seen.

Just when you think you have something, let’s dig a little deeper. Take a look at his first six road starts, then look at his  last three. Each of the last three have been wins, two this year, and he’s been sensational.


His passer rating in his last 5 road games is well over 100 and no performance has been worse than 96.8. He has six touchdowns and zero interceptions in his last four road games. And none of even accounts for his scrambling ability and yards he churns up on the ground.  He’s not perfect, he’s not the best thing ever, but he’s been better than all the other newcomers. Better than Luck and Newton. Better than Kaepernick and Griffin. All but Newton play on a playoff team, so it’s not like the other guys don’t have good players, too.

– Wex (@awexler)

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