Texans Tidbits & Nuggets

I hit you with a much longer, detailed article earlier today regarding the Texans running game vs. the 49ers. Read it here.

Here’s a brief post with tidbits & nuggets on the Texans.

– Texans have completed at least 25 passes in all 4 games, their opponents have yet to complete more than 17 in a game.
– Texans have been penalized 32 times for 312 yards. Those project to 128 penalties for 1248 yards. Team records are 136 penalties & 1,011 yards (both set in 2002)
– Following their opener, the Texans have been ranked in the top 7 in both offense and defense heading into every game this season.
– Texans are 10-20 on 3rd and 4 or less this year. They are 10-50 on all other 3rd downs, including 5-28 on 3rd and 7 or more.
– The Texans 3 takeaways have led to 10 points. Their 10 giveaways have led to 34 points.
– 41 points scored vs the Texans have come either following a turnover or on special teams. They have allowed 64 points otherwise.
– In the Texans 1st 3 seasons, 4 players had at least 5 interceptions in a season. In the 8 seasons since then, they have not had a single player do that.
– Texans have not had a punt blocked since their inaugural season.
– Texans head coaches have never won more than 3 challenges in a season and have never won more challenges than they’ve lost. Kubiak is 3-0 this season.

-Wex (@awexler)

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