Texans are a Complete Team. A Team Completely Melting Down Together.

TexansThe only thing the Texans are doing well is re-defining rock bottom. They just got completely embarrassed by a lackluster team. In every way. The Rams barely even had to try. This team is just giving games away. They don’t even make it difficult for the other team. Whoever they play, no matter their talent, no matter their issues, it’s a free-for-all for good fortune for the team facing the Texans.

In my pregame preview, I said the Rams are not a good team. The fact that the Texans ran the ball down their throats and outgained them 420 yards to 216 provides some of that evidence. I noted one reason why the Rams are even competitive with their not-very talented team. They don’t turn the ball over. Sam Bradford came into the game with 3 interceptions, he left with the same number.

While Matt Schaub also didn’t add to his interception number, his backup, T.J. Yates put two interceptions on the board – yes, of course one of them was a pick-6, a 98-yarder for rookie Alec Ogletree. Add in a pair of fumbles, one from KeShawn Martin, which was also returned for a touchdown and a fumble from DeAndre Hopkins, which essentially took points off the board for Houston, and the Texans pushed out a (-4) turnover margin for the second consecutive game.

Not so surprisingly they got their heads handed to them for the second week in a row as well, losing to the Rams 38-13.

Over the first 6 games of the season, Texans opponents have scored an incredible 7 touchdowns while the Texans defense was NOT on the field. Let me repeat that, 7 touchdowns have been scored against the Texans while the defense was watching from the sidelines. In just 6 games.

They’ve been outscored 125-45 the last 4 weeks. They’re just 4-8 over their last 12 games, including last year’s postseason. And that comes after winning 11 of 12 to start the 2012 season. That is a meltdown.

They have no answers, I asked several players about that. Is it troubling that they are right where they were a week ago, if not the week before, if not the week before. They are dumbfounded. They have no answers. They are shaking their head. That is the biggest problem of all, the players, the coaches, the head coach  – they’re all the same – they have no answers.

Antonio Smith did not agree when I asked if he thought they were giving games away, “No, it doesn’t feel like we’re giving games away because of how hard everybody is fighting. Everybody is committed more than I’ve seen this team ever commit to try to get something changed.  When I get to looking at everything I don’t see that type of mind frame.”

Seven penalties for 95 yards, 60 of which came on the the two St. Louis first half touchdown drives, Four turnovers given up. Zero takeaways. That my friends is giving games away.

Houston rushed for 5.1 yards per carry, their best in the 4-game losing streak – but today was their worst performance in my opinion. Schaub was 15-21 for 186 yards, the 8.9 yards per attempt are a season-best and it was his first turnover free performance. Again this comes in what I’d call the team’s worst performance.

Other than deflating playoff losses to New England and Baltimore, the last two years with seasons ending on those days, this was the owrst performance in Texans history – all things considered.

This is a talented team, but a mistake-filled talented team. A team that is making virtually no big plays on defense, can’t stop a soul in the red zone and with an offense that is playing hot potato with the pigskin.

They will head to Kansas City next week likely with 31st in turnover margin. (Pending San Diego’s MNF performance). Kansas City is 6-0 and +12 in turnover margin – best in the NFL.

– Wex (@awexler)

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