Texans-Rams Preview

Simply put, if the Texans lose at home today to the Rams, then they’ve locked up a losing record heading into their bye week in week 8. Why is that relevant? They already trail Indianapolis (4-1) by two games and after Houston goes to Kansas City next week, they’ll take a week off than welcome the Colts to town.

The Colts are at San Diego this Monday night, then host Denver the following Sunday. If they haven’t closed the gap on Indy heading into that week 9 game, then the division title and likely the playoffs are out of the question.

Now to the task at hand today against the Rams. The Rams are doing one thing well. Hanging on to the football. They’ve given it away only 6 times in 5 games, Only 4 teams have given it up fewer times. The Texans have taken it away just 3 times. Only 2 teams have taken it away less.

The Rams offense is terrible. They’re 30th in rushing yards per play, they’re 29th in passing yards per play. They’re 31st in 3rd down conversions. They’re 20th in points. They should not be able to march up and down the field against the Texans, who are allowing just 260.2 yards per game.

The Rams defense is nothing special either, while they have some talent – most notably up front, they’re 25th in rushing yards allowed per play, 28th in passing yards per play allowed. They’re 22nd in sacks per pass attempt and the 28.2 points per game they allow put them 28th in the league.

This one today is all about the Texans. All about Schaub and the offense.

I spent the week figuring out how the Texans could drop this one to the Rams. I should’ve spent 2 minutes on it, because it’s so simple. If they turn it over, they could lose. If they don’t, they won’t.

– Wex (@awexler)

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