NFL Films: Bum Phillips

More on the Texans-Chiefs matchup coming throughout the day in this space, but first a look back at the great Bum Phillips who passed away earlier this week. The former Houston Oilers coach went 59-38 overall as the first beloved coach in Houston sports history, in my opinion. He went 32-16 in his final three seasons, which included 4 playoff wins – the first in Oliers NFL history – and two appearances in the AFC championship game. Despite that, he was fired by owner Bud Adams, following his final 11-5 season. (Adams’ Oilers teams would win only 32 games over the 7 seasons that followed Phillips’ dismissal.)

Here’s a fantastic and long look back at Bum Phillips from NFL Films. Lots of great memories here for someone who grew up with the Oilers in the Bum Phillips, Luv Ya Blue Era.

– Wex (@awexler)

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