Thanks, Houston. – A Guest Post from CSN Houston’s Dave Zangaro

Two years ago, I sat alone in warm, near-empty apartment and tapped my foot against the cold, bare hardwood floor.

Just back from a walk to the gas station, I sat on my couch clutching a case of the first Texas beer I saw — it was Lone Star and, yes, that’s a conversation for another day — and sat in silence.

Seconds felt like minutes; minutes felt like hours; hours felt like days.

On my own in a new city. No friends. No family. More importantly, no cable.

Mercifully, a couple days later, the cable man arrived and I was one of the lucky ones, one of the 40 percent who got to see the product my company — Comcast SportsNet Houston — provided. And it was great from the start.

We were perfect for Houston and Houston was perfect for us but an imperfect situation doomed us to failure.

I am truly happy most Houstonians will be able to see their teams play on TV very soon. I just thought they deserved more.

Two years after I arrived in Houston, I and many of my former co-workers will be leaving this week. Two years after I wished time would speed up, I can’t get it to stop long enough to enjoy the last few moments with strangers who became family and a city that became home.

It’s tough to write this and even tougher to follow what Adam Wexler wrote so well shortly after our last show. Then, there was the matter of where to put it. (Thanks, Wex!).

In a weird twist of fate, as time flies by, it stands still at, which housed my work for the past two years. The website we frantically updated during our time here is nothing but a time capsule that will one day just vanish.

The opportunity to cover the Houston Texans has been the highlight of my young career and to do it for the fans of this passionate city made it very special.

I’m proud of the work I did here and I know my coworkers are too. They should be. They were all incredible.

For fear of forgetting someone, I’m not naming all the great people I have either worked with or become friends with during my time in Texas. (And honestly, you don’t have the time to read that many names.) But everyone knows who they are and how they contributed to making these two years incredible.

So, Houston, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you so very much.

— Dave Zangaro (@dzangaro)

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