NBA to share officiating reports

The NBA announced today it will provide play-by-play reports regarding all calls and just as importantly, all material non-calls that occur in the last two minutes of close games and during overtime periods. These reports will be available at beginning on March 2 and continuing throughout the 2015 playoffs. The league cites their new transparency initiative relating to its officiating program, aiming for it to create a more specific protocol for commenting on the most scrutinized calls in NBA games.

Previous actions as part of league’s effort toward more transparency in its officiating program include this season’s launch of the NBA Replay Center, real-time postings on and @NBAOfficial of the replays used by officials to make calls during replay reviews, and bi-weekly rule “points of emphasis” memos that are sent to teams, referees and the media.

“Our fans are passionate and have an intense interest in understanding how the rules are applied,” said Mike Bantom, Executive Vice President of Referee Operations.  “NBA referees have the most difficult officiating job in sports, with so many split-second decisions in real time.  We trust this consistent disclosure will give fans a greater appreciation of the difficulty of the job and a deeper sense of the correct interpretations of the rules of our game.”

The league will release assessments of officiated events in the last two minutes of games decided in regulation that were within five points at the two-minute mark.  Each play will be reviewed by a senior referee manager or basketball operations manager who will provide the assessments.  Every play on the report will include a video link to that specific play.  The reports will be posted on by 4 p.m. CT the day after each game.

The link below shows a sample of what the “Last Two Minute report would look like. AS mentioned above, each play includes a video link, which is definitely worth checking out since it includes up to nine different options for viewing each play, which is pretty nice.

SAMPLE – NBA Last Two Minute Report SAC at POR 1-19-2015

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