Western Conference at a glance

Here’s how things look with 16 days worth of games left in the NBA regular season.

Golden State has locked up the conference’s best record and will be the top seed. They are four and a half games better than Atlanta for home court throughout the NBA playoffs. Memphis, Houston, Portland and the Los Angeles Clippers have all clinched playoff berths. Memphis, Houston and San Antonio could still claim the southwest division crown. The Blazers magic number number to clinch the Northwest division is two, with the Oklahoma City Thunder six and a half games behind Portland and eight games remaining. Each division winner will be guaranteed a top four seed. Those three teams along with the non-division winning team that posts the best record will be seeded one through four based on record after tiebreakers. The other four teams will be seeded five through eight based on record. Potentially the team seeded fifth could have a better record than a division-winning team that is the fourth seed. Under that scenario the fifth seeded team would have home court advantage in their first round playoff series. Dallas and Oklahoma City could still move out of their current spots at seven and eight, respectively, but with their remaining schedule as you’ll see below, that seems unlikely.

Here are the remaining schedules for each team. Check back daily for updates and scenarios. Click graphic to enlarge.


Tiebreaking procedures can be found here at nba.com

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