Greatest moments in Tal’s Hill history

Including Thursday’s game, the Astros have 50 home games remaining at Minute Maid Park…plus playoff games of course. (Keep in mind no other division leader has a larger lead over second place than the Astros who lead the Angels by six games. Also Houston’s 34 wins ar three more than any other American League outfit.) But these remaining 2015 home games now will be the last at Minute Maid Park, and formerly Enron Field, that will be played with Tal’s Hill.

The Astros announced on Thursday plans to remove the 90 foot wide hill that rises in center field in front of the outfield fence situated 436 feet away from home plate. The plan is for a new fan-friendly set-up beyond the new center field fence, some 409 feet from home plate.

From Richie Sexson’s blast in 2003 that was well over the fence, but alas, hit the flag pole and remained in play, to Craig Biggio’s unfortunate face-plant as he made his way up the hill, Tal’s Hill has had some moments.

Rather than debate its merits or hazardous issues, let’s just enjoy what Tal’s Hill has brought to baseball over it’s 15 plus years in existence.

Former Astros OF Carlos Beltran with a miraculous catch in the 14th inning to prevent an Astros win.


Andruw Jones helps Jeff Bagwell to a “little league home run.”… then makes up for it on the next pitch.


Carlos Gomez takes a hit away from Astros catcher Jason Castro


From earlier this year – Astros CF Jake Marisnick with a gem.


Denard Span falls on his back side – makes the catch.


Fuld up the hill and up against the wall


Fowler makes it look easy


Brandon Barnes…kind of on the hill


Michael Bourn hauls it in


Compilation from (some duplicates in here, but also Lance Berkman’s comical catch! Click the pic to watch the video.)

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